Research and Development:
Liaison with Companies, Government and Research Organizations to provide research grants to support and promote Pan-Arabic research and development activities. ARSGISO shall also encourage student members to participate in periodic scientific quizzes and technical contests designed to test their competence in various topics related to Remote Sensing and GIS. This responsibility can be delegated to the Focus research Groups.

Research Capability:
Our affiliation with global Research Organisations, Universities provides us with a world class research capability in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS. ARSGISO is committed to bring this expertise in reach of all Arab students and researchers.

Industry Partnership:
We shall partner with Global leaders in the Industry and the Government Agencies as well, aiming to produce graduate and PhD opportunities which pursue the state of the art and are research driven. We shall also focus on developing a suitable research environment in the long term which can cater to the needs of our industry in the Arab region and the international markets as well.

Completed projects:
The following are some of the projects which we have successfully completed in partnership with Industry and academia.

Remote Sensing Avenues for High education:
There is a strong need to create awareness among undergraduate's avenues available in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS at the University level in the Middle East and Globally in order to nurture world class human source that can serve the future needs of the region. ARSGISO shall promote various university graduate programmes among high school kids and undergraduate students to provide them an opportunity to understand what career path they might choose in their future.